Professional Associations can have enormous strength and credibility amongst politicians, decision-makers, administrators and managers, educational institutions, media and the public. Members of the Paramedic Association of Manitoba have access to a strong and influential lobbying organization within the province of Manitoba, ensuring they have appropriate representation in decisions affecting the provision of Emergency Medical Services and the future of our profession.

An Association is only as strong as it's membership…now is the time to act. Strong membership will position the Paramedic Association of Manitoba to successfully pursue professional recognition and self-regulation.


Membership within the Paramedic Association of Manitoba is offered at three separate levels: Full, Associate, and Corporate.

  • Full Membership: Individuals who hold a valid Manitoba Emergency Medical Response Provider License (EMR training level and above) are eligible to obtain Full membership within the Association. In addition to services provided to all members, Full membership allows Association voting privileges.
  • Associate Membership: Individuals who do not hold a valid Manitoba Emergency Medical Response Provider License may apply for an Associate membership.
  • Corporate Membership: Organizations affiliated with emergency medical services in some capacity may apply for a Corporate membership. These memberships are subject to the approval of the Board of the Paramedic Association of Manitoba, and apply only to the organization as a whole, not individual members or employees of that organization.


  • Full Membership $ 110.00 annually
  • Associate Membership $ 55.00 annually
  • Corporate Membership $200.00 annually

All Full and Associate memberships expire on June 30th each year and are pro-rated monthly.

The Paramedic Association of Canada receives $15.00 annually from each registration for membership in the national association.


  • Annual subscription to Canadian Paramedicine magazine, including a section devoted to Paramedic Association of Manitoba news and issues, Paramedic Association of Canada update, and other national EMS issues.
  • Acces to PAM online Con-ed meeting the requirements of the Manitoba Continuing Competency Program for Paramedics (MCCPP).
  • Membership in the Paramedic Association of Canada
  • 15% discount on purchases from Medigas Manitoba
  • Free access to Paramedic Network News (PNN)
  • Timely notification of conferences and seminars
  • Discounts on events, seminars, workshops and conferences sponsored by PAM.
  • PAM membership card and member decal ideal for windshields, bumpers, or day timers.
  • Eligibility to purchase PAM group liability insurance for certified first aid instructors through LMS Prolink Ltd. (downlaod additional information).
  • Representation in a strong EMS lobby organization within the province of Manitoba
  • Opportunity to participate in critical issues affecting the future of paramedicine in Manitoba


APPLY ON-LINE, then use the electronic payment option outlined below to complete your application, or mail a cheque or money order and a copy of your invoice to our office.

Membership fees (new application fee pro-rated monthly as indicated above) can aso be mailed to:

Paramedic Association of Manitoba
Unit 230 - 530 Century Street
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0Y4

Payment Options

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Paramedic Association of Manitoba or any member of the Board of Directors.

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