Payment Options

All memberships expire June 30th.

New memberships will be prorated, depending on when payment is made, as follows:

July - $110 Aug - $102 Sept - $94 Oct - $86 Nov - $78
Dec - $70 Jan - $62 Feb - $54 Mar - $46 Apr - $38

After April the prorated amount will be added to the following year's fees and the expiration date extended for an extra year.

Note: New payments will now be handled when you fillout your new member application.

Renewals are $110.00 up to July 31st and a penalty of $5.00/month will be added after that.

You may pay by cheque or Money Order payable to "Paramedic Association of Manitoba" and mail it to:

Paramedic Association of Manitoba
Unit 230 - 530 Century Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3H 0Y4

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